Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Midnight down

Did i feel that i heard the cymbals and the chimes of a beautiful world unfolding before me?
Did i feel that the long awaited eternal togetherness was waiting just around this solitary corner?
Did i feel that the rearrangement of my priorities was so worth it?
Did i feel that being alone doesn't mean being lonely... 'coz the beauty i dig, resides within me, for me?
Did i hear the echo of a happy song after so long?
Did i trace the curve of a long awaited, almost forgotten smile? Did I...

Did i feel the whiff of a blooming rose?
Did i feel the joy of a smiling baby?
Did i feel the brush of a loving caress?
Did i feel the peace from the burial of a dark 'yesterday'...and did i feel the joy from the resurrection of a softer 'today'?
Did i feel the reason for a new beginning?
Did i feel the presence of a strength to start all over again?
Did i feel in love being loved?
Did i feel i was someone's beautiful world?
Did i finally feel like who i am is what i want to be? Did I...

Did i just feel like all of these feelings were just acrobats of an illusion...
Did i just feel like the ancient me...

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