Thursday, September 18, 2008

When the night comes calling

Sometimes in the depth of these quiet nights, i hear a shrill echo from far. They say it's the echo of silence! Yes indeed, i've heard songs on it, read poems about it...heard the dumb and the wise commenting on it. But when i hear that silent cacophony, i feel elated. It's like a song that anyone can relate to, a truth that noone denies, like a love that never leaves a void, a youth that never felt lost, like a question that always has answers,like a messenger with only good news... yes, i believe it has things to say in it's own cryptic ways. If only we could interpret what this wisdom of the night signifies, i feel we could enrich the purpose of our existance. Does it say something about how we could make our relationships more soulful, does it speak of our psychological and spiritual pollution...does it tell us about how we could make our society worth living in, does it speak about transcendence and enlightment...does it comment on the mini Big Bang... does it tell me about how to write better lines of code...does it remind us of the lessons from our past or does it try to console us by letting us know that we are forgiven...
I really don't know what it actually says, but this i do believe that it says something... to you, to them, to us, to all of us out here, doing our own little gig in a huge vacant auditorium where the stakes are not worth the games we play. Yes! when the night comes calling i do beieve that it brings an encrypted wisdom with her.

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Reread it just now!