Sunday, October 5, 2008

Believe in our connection

Too much filth brought about by humans,
we look around but don’t feel what we see, don’t even see ourselves .
The whole world is gone wrong but
right now each of us can make a difference.
You are an essential fragment of the unified whole.
Another secret of life, to find that subtle link that connects us all,
to one another and to the Infinite Eternal.
It's not as tough as it sounds, nor a fantasy as it seems.
All we need to do is to find the angel in us, and let it grow.
Then we'll hear the cymbals and chimes, see the doves and the sunrises, smell the flowers in the meadows.

We've lost the world to ego and discrimination.
Universal Brotherhood marooned on the islands we dread to tread.
What do we feel, what could be more fearsome; bombs and missiles, tanks and wars.
We could all put a stop to this, if we just believe in our connection.
Devil's dance as angels shy, are we just going to watch as it all just goes by.
Don't recede from what could be, faith in our connection is the key.
Let our hollow bones and skin come alive.
We could all believe in our connection, one as all and all as one...

Let's lower our walls, its empty homes we defend right now.
Let's lower our drawbridge, castles of dungeons and dragons that we fight for.
Let's open up, hollow souls we'll cover up no more.

Let's bury our pasts in some corner of time,
it's an open world, let's till it before we plant the next seed.
We could make the angels want to smile down on us, we could live to see children playing carelessly.
We could start to believe in redemption, we could start to struggle for emancipation.
Oh we could...we could...We could change the world,
if only we could believe in our connection...
Oh! Believe in our connection...

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Unsconscious Believers ?!?

When you look around and see all the chaos infecting us like a pestilence, don’t you wonder about the reasons that we present as ‘reasons’ for all the unreasonable things that we do…Why do people do the ugly things that they do?!... Is it like someone once told me that they do the things they do because they are scared? People doing things for no particular, logically sound reason but just for some unexplained repressed cause. Doesn’t make much sense, does it? But then again, if you are able to think along different lines, they do make so much sense! Something like children in a playground; if they do the pushing then they are not the one to be pushed. But reflecting on it, it’s immaterial whether you’re pushing or being pushed, because anyway you do feel the jerk.
Do children push because it makes them feel strong like adults..? Do adults ‘push’ because it makes them feel stronger than they are..? Is it all because humans have a subconscious complex of inferiority, an embedded sense of vulnerability… a sub-conscious acknowledgement of his own weakness? And is this sub-conscious acknowledgement of weakness due to the subconscious acknowledgement of some powerful entity… of the subconscious acceptance of a superior power… of God. Are we all, at the subconscious level, believers of God?!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Haunted Eyes

Little boy stares into the haunted eyes of the old man,
the one who taught him to laugh, and songs and tunes to clap.
But now he's silent waiting for the call of death,
waiting to see the light and the end of the tunnel.... with haunted eyes.

Little boy sings his songs, dances around and giggles,
trying to remind him of all he'd gathered and taught,
but the old man just looks at him... with haunted eyes.

"Rage not go gentle into the good night", sings the little boy,
but the old man just sighs and moans... with haunted eyes.

Haunted eyes, haunted eyes, haunted eyes...
Cruel haunted eyes, sad haunted eyes, confused haunted eyes,
lonely haunted eyes, troubled haunted eyes, blind haunted eyes.
Haunted eyes, haunted eyes... by haunted eyes haunted.

Little boy looks out of the window, spies little kids playing,
holding hands, dancing around in circles, and he wonders
if in the future they'll have haunted eyes.
He thinks of the people in the streets, in the offices and stores,
in the magazine stores and bus stops,
and wonders why they all have... haunted eyes.
Little boy thinks of the blind wise man, begging with a new hat on the street corner,
he thinks of the nice smelling rich lady at the movies,
and wonders why they all have... haunted eyes.

Haunted eyes, haunted eyes, haunted eyes...
Cruel haunted eyes, sad haunted eyes, confused haunted eyes,
lonely haunted eyes, troubled haunted eyes, blind haunted eyes.
Haunted eyes, haunted eyes... by haunted eyes haunted.

Little boy sings his goodbye, leaving the old man alone with his haunted eyes,
playfully prances down the carpeted hallway, to the end
of the passage where an ancient naked mirror hangs.
He looks into it only for a minute, and nervously steps out of the doorway,
into the streets outside, where he can try to forget
that he too... has haunted eyes.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

When the night comes calling

Sometimes in the depth of these quiet nights, i hear a shrill echo from far. They say it's the echo of silence! Yes indeed, i've heard songs on it, read poems about it...heard the dumb and the wise commenting on it. But when i hear that silent cacophony, i feel elated. It's like a song that anyone can relate to, a truth that noone denies, like a love that never leaves a void, a youth that never felt lost, like a question that always has answers,like a messenger with only good news... yes, i believe it has things to say in it's own cryptic ways. If only we could interpret what this wisdom of the night signifies, i feel we could enrich the purpose of our existance. Does it say something about how we could make our relationships more soulful, does it speak of our psychological and spiritual pollution...does it tell us about how we could make our society worth living in, does it speak about transcendence and enlightment...does it comment on the mini Big Bang... does it tell me about how to write better lines of code...does it remind us of the lessons from our past or does it try to console us by letting us know that we are forgiven...
I really don't know what it actually says, but this i do believe that it says something... to you, to them, to us, to all of us out here, doing our own little gig in a huge vacant auditorium where the stakes are not worth the games we play. Yes! when the night comes calling i do beieve that it brings an encrypted wisdom with her.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Yet untitled

These few days have been kind of edgy out here. Strikes, protests and curfews for some pseudo-political purpose I fail to really comprehend. Sometimes i wonder, what is it that we are striving to achieve... a little fame, a little power, a little more wealth? All at the cost of the very reasons that we want to achieve these for! It all reminds me of the little kid who jumped across the stream to be able to jump back to where he was. Then when he crossed it and was about to jump back home, he realised that the water had risen and he was left stranded.
I just found something i had scribbled on a piece of tissue paper...i don't even remember where and when i had written it but here it is...

...From the ancient dry nights to
deeper echoing nights I've crawled.
Shelter me in my flights,
bury me and then uncover a greater me from these nights.
Hither i blossom where petals guard me,
prickly walls, into the fresh air I've crawled.

I'm a stranger, a story untold, a vision unrealised,
a clock unwinding, a picture unfolding...
Just a soul trying to find a perch,
fingers searching for a ledge,
just another ordinary boy, growing up...can you see me now?

The road head calls while bridges behind fall,
from these nights I now awaken with a hopeful yawn...

and oh yes! guess who that little kid was?..yupp l'il old me.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Sometimes i feel like...

…Sometimes I feel like a milestone, pointing out destinations but myself always ‘on the road’.
…sometimes I feel like a lamp post, shedding light for all but itself hidden in the convenient dark.
…sometimes I feel like a shooting star, the brighter it flares the quicker it recedes.
…sometimes I feel like the sun, holding the solar system together but itself all alone.

…Sometimes I feel like a desert night, screaming and screeching but no one hears a word.
…sometimes I feel like a song, people take me into their own context so that no one knows what I really say.
…sometimes I feel like a crying wolf, and the world thinks I’m just howling at a naked full moon.
…sometimes I feel like a war, millions die and millions cry but no one’s really sure why I came.
…sometimes I feel like an atom-bomb dropped loose, defending or destroying, I don’t really know.
…sometimes I feel like the questions of a child, na├»ve or wisdom, no one’s really thought.

…Sometimes I feel we’re all just candles, fighting to burn before we’re finally blown out.
…Sometimes I feel like the ancient me…

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Echoes of the precious visitors who dropped a comment ( Thanks to all :-) }
Sometimes I feel like a sand castle that can be easily washed away by a gentle wave... {Manik}
Sometimes I feel like a slave, waiting for my emancipation... { ibutabu}

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Midnight down

Did i feel that i heard the cymbals and the chimes of a beautiful world unfolding before me?
Did i feel that the long awaited eternal togetherness was waiting just around this solitary corner?
Did i feel that the rearrangement of my priorities was so worth it?
Did i feel that being alone doesn't mean being lonely... 'coz the beauty i dig, resides within me, for me?
Did i hear the echo of a happy song after so long?
Did i trace the curve of a long awaited, almost forgotten smile? Did I...

Did i feel the whiff of a blooming rose?
Did i feel the joy of a smiling baby?
Did i feel the brush of a loving caress?
Did i feel the peace from the burial of a dark 'yesterday'...and did i feel the joy from the resurrection of a softer 'today'?
Did i feel the reason for a new beginning?
Did i feel the presence of a strength to start all over again?
Did i feel in love being loved?
Did i feel i was someone's beautiful world?
Did i finally feel like who i am is what i want to be? Did I...

Did i just feel like all of these feelings were just acrobats of an illusion...
Did i just feel like the ancient me...