Saturday, September 13, 2008

Yet untitled

These few days have been kind of edgy out here. Strikes, protests and curfews for some pseudo-political purpose I fail to really comprehend. Sometimes i wonder, what is it that we are striving to achieve... a little fame, a little power, a little more wealth? All at the cost of the very reasons that we want to achieve these for! It all reminds me of the little kid who jumped across the stream to be able to jump back to where he was. Then when he crossed it and was about to jump back home, he realised that the water had risen and he was left stranded.
I just found something i had scribbled on a piece of tissue paper...i don't even remember where and when i had written it but here it is...

...From the ancient dry nights to
deeper echoing nights I've crawled.
Shelter me in my flights,
bury me and then uncover a greater me from these nights.
Hither i blossom where petals guard me,
prickly walls, into the fresh air I've crawled.

I'm a stranger, a story untold, a vision unrealised,
a clock unwinding, a picture unfolding...
Just a soul trying to find a perch,
fingers searching for a ledge,
just another ordinary boy, growing up...can you see me now?

The road head calls while bridges behind fall,
from these nights I now awaken with a hopeful yawn...

and oh yes! guess who that little kid was?..yupp l'il old me.

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