Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Unsconscious Believers ?!?

When you look around and see all the chaos infecting us like a pestilence, don’t you wonder about the reasons that we present as ‘reasons’ for all the unreasonable things that we do…Why do people do the ugly things that they do?!... Is it like someone once told me that they do the things they do because they are scared? People doing things for no particular, logically sound reason but just for some unexplained repressed cause. Doesn’t make much sense, does it? But then again, if you are able to think along different lines, they do make so much sense! Something like children in a playground; if they do the pushing then they are not the one to be pushed. But reflecting on it, it’s immaterial whether you’re pushing or being pushed, because anyway you do feel the jerk.
Do children push because it makes them feel strong like adults..? Do adults ‘push’ because it makes them feel stronger than they are..? Is it all because humans have a subconscious complex of inferiority, an embedded sense of vulnerability… a sub-conscious acknowledgement of his own weakness? And is this sub-conscious acknowledgement of weakness due to the subconscious acknowledgement of some powerful entity… of the subconscious acceptance of a superior power… of God. Are we all, at the subconscious level, believers of God?!!!

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