Monday, June 30, 2008

A momentary lapse of peace

… "The End is Near" laments "Alter Bridge" into my ears through the headphones.
Another midnight comes sliding in slowly and you find yourself growing numb. Why is it that even when the riding is smooth, occasionally all of us feel down and out in some our own private ways... Is it that the occasional ‘down’ from the experience of a void in and around us, is a basic nature of man... or do we just love to be unhappy...It would indeed be an irony if it were so…
Down and out, with a void I merge to form
cryptic shapes that loom over me.
With emptiness my songs rhyme to build
a silence that engulfs me whole.
Nights follow days that make me feel
like yet another stranger to yet another me.
My estrangement I try to hide
behind sermons of underlying-harmony.

I got to confess...
Tonight I can’t see any reason to wake up anyday.
Tonight I can’t hear the cymbals and the chimes.
Tonight I can’t speak with that peaceful smile.
Tonight I have to force purpose into all the reasons.
Tonight I can’t be the one with the light in the eyes.
Tonight I can’t rhyme with the rhythm.

But tonight I could whisper a secret to you if you can open up enough to read in-between the lines..
On such a night, you could choose.
You could be my key, you could be my banner.
You don't have a clue who I could be for you....

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Friday, June 27, 2008

The Doors of Consciousness

Sometimes don’t you feel so... jaded? Dream boats sail all around me while I lie back on the bed letting myself get sucked into the aura of the cosmos, engulfed within a deep silence. A pause... a pause with a depth that goes as deep as the soul, deep into the essence of my very existence. Everything inside me bares up and I get stripped down to my very deepest instincts. Sometimes I feel like I become just another instance of myself, unaware of even my own existence, silent and spongy-soaking, and the music... yes of course, the music!... always there in the backdrop of my scenes. Maybe we share a common rhythm that I cannot explain. Something common between our music and us. I can’t seem to be able to decipher that hidden relation though.
Yes, the 'scribblings' on my diary are getting scarce, I realize. I definitely should devote a little time to punch down some more of these lines. The human mind has a tendency to forget and I really would not like to forget the brushing of these days. Of course, life goes on, but when it leaves a trial of such beautiful colors it would indeed be a pity if I don’t splash some form with it to look back to from down the line…
The nights are quite these days, and the stirrings are in my heart, stirrings towards beauty, stirrings towards the realization of the Absolute Truth. “I” am, but some centers of consciousness. The composition of the essence of each of us is some centers of consciousness, and the thing that one can do is to strive to cleanse his/her Doors of Consciousness. Huxley chats in length about the “Doors of Perceptions”, and with all due respect, that itself is a mere ‘perception’ for ‘mental acrobatics’. What is, is the Doors of Consciousness….and it’s high time to awaken.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Aide to the wandering ship

The Night in silence…
The night in silence, sings her ancient songs..
Songs of laughter and songs of tears, songs of heroes and songs of traitors, songs of lovers and songs of mongers...songs that warm the senses, songs that questions your thoughts, songs that initiate the heart, songs that elevate the soul...songs that leave you wondering where you've heard it all before.
The night in silence, sings her ancient songs...

Breathing to the rhythm of the night,
these ancient sidewalks, scarred with the pains,
who's to know the losses from the strange gains…
Forget the stepping stones, what does it matter where you started from?
Ignore the milestones, destination lies unknown..

Isn’t it strange how, as we drift on, we string together so many hopes, hope for so many dreams to be realised, dream to be in so many places, do so many things, be so many people. And isn’t it strange how we continue believing in so many contradictory opinions. Yes indeed! We are in the Theatre of the Paradox, each one of us a paradox in himself/herself…

Paradoxical perceptions, attitude unattested,
hovering questions, gnawing confusion…
Figures arise from the chambers of memory,
episodes indelible, faces stare into the soul.
Somewhere far off, love in tears, droplets salty accusing.
Arms that held love, now cold and broken,
cling frantically around themselves.
In desperation onto pieces of broken promises clinging.
While here, guilty and guilt, drifted by the tides of time
swallows bitterness and away from another episode walks.

Fluttering sails, switching banners, changing winds,
deep waters, free waters, aide to the wandering ship.
A sign for the drop of the anchor,
a harbor for the gang-plank,
a coloured banner to hoist,
…long in wait….in love with the wait…

Sunday, June 22, 2008

An Unsung Palestinian Song

Cruel nights of territorial nightmares
ancestral insomnia steers my gaze around.
All of my home that remains
smoky shambles grazed by cannons,
still meadows for their Apaches and Strategic tests.
Me, a barefooted youngster, with eyes of tears that dried to blood,
orphaned, homeless, ruthlessly molested
by devilish messengers of the 'Keepers of Peace'.

Silent forbearance intensifies their fury,
to peaceful words, a deaf ear they turn.
When to protest I walk, armored tanks they deploy to bury.
A stone I hurl to Falcons that rain bombs on me,
and a "Terrorist" they label me!
An effort to plead for my fundamental rights,
a "Fundamentalist" they call me!
By their torture and injustice, a lunatic I've become,
and a "Fanatic" they call me!

O people! What of brotherhood, what of humanity!
do the echoes of my anguished cries not ring in your hearts?
do my muffled sobs not haunt your nights?
My scorched flesh, scarred by atrocities
does it not make you uneasy in your Congregational robes?
My silent, hollow eyes, no questions in you raise!!!
O! unborn living, living dead…believing unbeliever, unbelieving believer…
do you have answers for the inevitable Divine Questions?
Today, you may turn around pretentiously unaware but
on the Day when I shall point to you
and the Eternal Judge puts you and them, all in one.
That Day I shall watch and you shall call and plead…

Do you know that just since September 29, 2000:
A minimum of 1,050 Palestinian children have been killed.
A minimum of 4,862 Palestinians have been killed.
A minimum of 32,744 Palestinians have been injured.
Israel has been targeted by at least 65 UN resolutions and the Palestinians have been targeted by none.
1 Israeli is being held prisoner in Palestine while 10,756 Palestinians are held by Israel. More than 650,000 Palestinians have been detained by Israel (which forms about 20 percent of the total population of Palestine in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Source: The Mandela Institute for Human Rights – Palestine).
Now read this post all over again.