Monday, June 30, 2008

A momentary lapse of peace

… "The End is Near" laments "Alter Bridge" into my ears through the headphones.
Another midnight comes sliding in slowly and you find yourself growing numb. Why is it that even when the riding is smooth, occasionally all of us feel down and out in some our own private ways... Is it that the occasional ‘down’ from the experience of a void in and around us, is a basic nature of man... or do we just love to be unhappy...It would indeed be an irony if it were so…
Down and out, with a void I merge to form
cryptic shapes that loom over me.
With emptiness my songs rhyme to build
a silence that engulfs me whole.
Nights follow days that make me feel
like yet another stranger to yet another me.
My estrangement I try to hide
behind sermons of underlying-harmony.

I got to confess...
Tonight I can’t see any reason to wake up anyday.
Tonight I can’t hear the cymbals and the chimes.
Tonight I can’t speak with that peaceful smile.
Tonight I have to force purpose into all the reasons.
Tonight I can’t be the one with the light in the eyes.
Tonight I can’t rhyme with the rhythm.

But tonight I could whisper a secret to you if you can open up enough to read in-between the lines..
On such a night, you could choose.
You could be my key, you could be my banner.
You don't have a clue who I could be for you....

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