Sunday, October 5, 2008

Believe in our connection

Too much filth brought about by humans,
we look around but don’t feel what we see, don’t even see ourselves .
The whole world is gone wrong but
right now each of us can make a difference.
You are an essential fragment of the unified whole.
Another secret of life, to find that subtle link that connects us all,
to one another and to the Infinite Eternal.
It's not as tough as it sounds, nor a fantasy as it seems.
All we need to do is to find the angel in us, and let it grow.
Then we'll hear the cymbals and chimes, see the doves and the sunrises, smell the flowers in the meadows.

We've lost the world to ego and discrimination.
Universal Brotherhood marooned on the islands we dread to tread.
What do we feel, what could be more fearsome; bombs and missiles, tanks and wars.
We could all put a stop to this, if we just believe in our connection.
Devil's dance as angels shy, are we just going to watch as it all just goes by.
Don't recede from what could be, faith in our connection is the key.
Let our hollow bones and skin come alive.
We could all believe in our connection, one as all and all as one...

Let's lower our walls, its empty homes we defend right now.
Let's lower our drawbridge, castles of dungeons and dragons that we fight for.
Let's open up, hollow souls we'll cover up no more.

Let's bury our pasts in some corner of time,
it's an open world, let's till it before we plant the next seed.
We could make the angels want to smile down on us, we could live to see children playing carelessly.
We could start to believe in redemption, we could start to struggle for emancipation.
Oh we could...we could...We could change the world,
if only we could believe in our connection...
Oh! Believe in our connection...