Friday, June 27, 2008

The Doors of Consciousness

Sometimes don’t you feel so... jaded? Dream boats sail all around me while I lie back on the bed letting myself get sucked into the aura of the cosmos, engulfed within a deep silence. A pause... a pause with a depth that goes as deep as the soul, deep into the essence of my very existence. Everything inside me bares up and I get stripped down to my very deepest instincts. Sometimes I feel like I become just another instance of myself, unaware of even my own existence, silent and spongy-soaking, and the music... yes of course, the music!... always there in the backdrop of my scenes. Maybe we share a common rhythm that I cannot explain. Something common between our music and us. I can’t seem to be able to decipher that hidden relation though.
Yes, the 'scribblings' on my diary are getting scarce, I realize. I definitely should devote a little time to punch down some more of these lines. The human mind has a tendency to forget and I really would not like to forget the brushing of these days. Of course, life goes on, but when it leaves a trial of such beautiful colors it would indeed be a pity if I don’t splash some form with it to look back to from down the line…
The nights are quite these days, and the stirrings are in my heart, stirrings towards beauty, stirrings towards the realization of the Absolute Truth. “I” am, but some centers of consciousness. The composition of the essence of each of us is some centers of consciousness, and the thing that one can do is to strive to cleanse his/her Doors of Consciousness. Huxley chats in length about the “Doors of Perceptions”, and with all due respect, that itself is a mere ‘perception’ for ‘mental acrobatics’. What is, is the Doors of Consciousness….and it’s high time to awaken.

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