Monday, September 8, 2008

Sometimes i feel like...

…Sometimes I feel like a milestone, pointing out destinations but myself always ‘on the road’.
…sometimes I feel like a lamp post, shedding light for all but itself hidden in the convenient dark.
…sometimes I feel like a shooting star, the brighter it flares the quicker it recedes.
…sometimes I feel like the sun, holding the solar system together but itself all alone.

…Sometimes I feel like a desert night, screaming and screeching but no one hears a word.
…sometimes I feel like a song, people take me into their own context so that no one knows what I really say.
…sometimes I feel like a crying wolf, and the world thinks I’m just howling at a naked full moon.
…sometimes I feel like a war, millions die and millions cry but no one’s really sure why I came.
…sometimes I feel like an atom-bomb dropped loose, defending or destroying, I don’t really know.
…sometimes I feel like the questions of a child, naïve or wisdom, no one’s really thought.

…Sometimes I feel we’re all just candles, fighting to burn before we’re finally blown out.
…Sometimes I feel like the ancient me…

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Echoes of the precious visitors who dropped a comment ( Thanks to all :-) }
Sometimes I feel like a sand castle that can be easily washed away by a gentle wave... {Manik}
Sometimes I feel like a slave, waiting for my emancipation... { ibutabu}


Manik said...

Sometimes I feel like a sand castle that can be easily washed away by gentle wave..

Sana Amir said...

Sometimes I feel like a beautiful flower that has been plucked..and now am dying...

Anonymous said...

...Sometimes I feel like a windmill so much has gotten through ...
...Sometimes, I feel like this world could use some faith and love.