Sunday, August 31, 2008

What matters ...Not.

Thoughts locked in some solitary late hours of the night, they ramble from one loose end to another of a tangled up existence. I look around me , and all I hear is the shrill echo of silence that darkness brings along with her, the silence that always provides too many answers for a question. Noise irritates and disturbs you… but silence? It confuses a ‘thinking ear’. There are always these voices in and around your head… just like these eyes that hound you, from within and thither…some comforting, some brimming with wet malice. You look right into them and they disappear… till you can look no more, and they disappear no more…
When its days of nourishment, metamorphosis inside your private cocoon, watching down from a private hill with time perpetually corroding and eroding everything around you. You feel everyone and everything around you , but it fails to stimulate any impact on you.
Its kinda tough to realize that no one and nothing at all is indispensable, not even yourself… but I think I get it now. It makes you feel less important, strips you of your fancy bows and airs, confuses and hurts you a little to realize that life goes on… you go on… even if the people you love become non-existent; that life goes on… all the people you love will go on… even if you become non-existent. It traumatizes you a little to swallow the realization that- all that matters, really matters not much if it didn’t matter anymore. I wish it could all have been some other softer way, but it seems this is the way the world revolves.
…and while the curtains on the window glow from the growing radiance of a new day outside, where the final echoes of the screeching night trail in the silence of deserted streets, I wonder about the eternal strangeness of life… and wonder how it’ll continue to awe us all..


Misty said...

paritially understood..partially confusing thats the way to go up with life.. nicely written. Want more in future

Obaid. said...

... there will be more. Lots more :-)