Thursday, August 14, 2008

Nightly Evolution

-- Nights of Evolution

Naked in the auberge rated with a billion stars,
vulnerably exposed for the night with it's cruelties to char.
The Divine power, rearranging these galactic spectra just for me,
harbor me from harm, heal me with your chaste charms.

A shooting star, sailing silently across the night,
diminishing, receding, animating the cosmic carpet by it's flight.
No thunderous lightning proclaiming its majesty,
like innocence burning in the playground of hierarchies.

An enigmatic perception humming in the back of your conclusions,
you keep your questions at bay.
The carnival of life just enough for you, to ignore
the drainage and the yells of your soul.

The music yells through chords,
the night sleeping, groans and snores.
The blind tells by the echoes, the deaf through the shadows
the savior for the day, night is here, they say!

Neons decorate the night, putting up a fight,
midnight-musers shy from the light, stroll into the night,
comfort seekers hide in the realms of dreams.
Dusk, one in all, everybody's peace so it seems…

So shine, shine from your nights….grow, emerge from yourself.
An occasion for evolution be the night...
Dawn blossoms from the twilight,
from the dust orchards ripen, Mona Lisa smiles from the blues,
mountains tower from the sea, from the shore oceans spread free...
Don't paint the night red, start to heal...
Evolve beyond the human clay, grow…glow...
from purity, with purity, into purity…gush forth…
Let tonight be a ceremony of matrimony…
Let light peep into these ancient shadows of your haunted nights.

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