Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Journey to ‘Ordinarity’

...The midnight-darkness trickles into these quiet streets where fancy frilly faces dance in the day time, and as softly as it seeps into my days, it passes as gently, without a trace, leaving behind a whispering twilight that escapes from me even more deftly.
... A little laughter, a few hidden tears, ... a few kicks, a few licks, a few thrills, a few drills... what more could one want from these crazy hours that slip by so easily. No scores to settle, no forced promises to keep, no dark secrets to hide, no reason to not-be-yourself... I lie mesmerized like a baby, too amazed at my own coordinations, entranced like "Alice in wonderland", at a world that unfolds so mysteriously; already too colorful to redo, already too beautiful to complain, already too crazy to try to put sense into... and the midnights never fail to come... so punctually, so dependable... bringing with it a pause that never fails to "enlighten" us a little bit more about the daylight that whisked by... a momentary pause to prepare for yet another daylight drill...
A strange struggle, to become an ordinary instance of existance with ordinary ways, an ordinary human with ordinary desires and chases...ordinary days with ordinary secrets, ordinary downs with ordinary highs, ordinary days with ordinary midnights, ordinary joys with ordinary battles, ordinary carelessness with ordinary fears, ordinary crowds with ordinary estrangement, ordinary charisma with ordinary ugliness, ordinary questions with ordinary searches, an ordinary direction with ordinary waywardness, .... And it took me a long time to get here.

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